#1. Brian Harden『Beyond Chicago』

I found this song in Paris on a 917 skate trip. We kept skating by a place every morning called "Techno Imports". I wanted to check it out and found The new Brian Harden and was really into it cause it was good at both speeds -33 and -45.(917のスケートトリップでパリに行った時に見つけた曲で、毎朝通りかかってた「Techno Imports」というお店で発見したんだ。新しいBrian Harden の作品で33回転でも45回転でも良い感じなので、気に入ってる。)

#2. BIANCA CHANDON PRES. & CO.『Best of Friends』

just because it is the first record I've every done. Paul,Alberto and myself worked on it somewhere or another. It finally came together and I think we're all really happy with it.(自分がPaulとAlbertoと一緒に初めて作ったレコードだから。時間かかったけど、みんな凄く気に入ってる。)

#3. Thundercat『Them Changes』

something I had heard around. I kept listing to it on repeat on the train or just walking in Nyc.(なんとなく耳にした曲で、NYCで歩いたり電車に乗ってる時とかにリピート再生してた。)


Alex Olson