• #1.Little Dragon 『New Me, Same Us』

    I've loved their previous works but they just keep evolving. A great Blend of R&B, Pop & Electronica that is well produced and killing when performing live. One of my favorite Bands. Their quarantine concerts from home were very inspiring and soothing. My album of the year.


  • #2.Moses Boyd 『Dark Matter』

    Drummer from UK's first solo album. Just love his drumming and programming. Got the Jazz, Breakbeat, Afro, Funk beat that you can just vibe to. Can't stop dancing to this.


  • #3.Rum.Gold 『aiMless』

    Probably listened to "Waiting For feat. Jamila Woods" the most this year. His voice and vocal skills are magical and the production is raw so you just feel the soulfulness when you listen to his songs.

    (おそらく今年は”Waiting For feat. Jamila Woods”を1番聴いていました。彼の声質とボーカルのスキルは魔法のようであり、プロダクションは荒削りであるため、彼の曲を聴くとソウルを感じます。)